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Data Kite Business Solution

Data Technologies and Services

Data Technology solutions

Get the support you need to drive a competitive each to your business. Our data and technology services can help you plan, strategize, evaluate and deploy your business process throughout your company and branches with efficiency, flexibility and time effectiveness.
Our solutions will help you understand your unique business needs with our visual analytic reports and business intelligence.
Host your data solutions with our and let us deploy it to your business and it branches, keeping the business process and audit in check in your organizations  



Our Other Services

Eset Security

Eset security defend you from online threat and keep your system running with it antimalware, firewall and antispam. More

System Repairs

We repair Laptops, desktops, printers, photocopiers, power supply, routers, switches, monitors and flatscreen. View our hardware solution. More

Internet Solutions

With our Internet solutions you are able to access the internet in the convenience of your environment. with affordable data packages.

Data deployment

Our application are deployed as a centralize intelligent system that streamlines the company and its branches operational data proccessess.

System Maintenance

Every system needs maintenace to function properly. Enjoy our Network and system maintenace packages, while you attend to you business needs

Wireless technology

With our wirleless solution you benefit from our high stream wi-fi network give you the flexibility and mobility in your environment and ease of data accessibility.