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Sales Tube Lead Software

Sales And marketing

Cultivating relationships with your customers is essential in generating your revenue, attract new customers, retain existing ones, grow your business with our sales lead solution software and match sales to leads to get report on campaign and advertisement.

You will be able to understand your customer, engage them at the right time and give them the right message for you product.


  • Knowing which campaigns work for you will help you to manage and invest in the right direction to increase your sales, with data being made available to you in a well informed structure you will be able to make an informed decision to increase sales thereby generating profits

    With our lead Management software consumers’ interest towards products and services are capture to analyze the leads gotten through your marketing and advertisement.

  • The larger your leads net pull the higher of you getting customers, thereby generating higher sales from the poll.

    These leads are generated as a result of campaign and advertisement e.g. exhibition, referrals, phone calls, branding, direct marketing etc.


  • Making a decision with data from these media is cumbersome and tedious. It is difficult to determine which medium of marketing your clients understand you better
    With our Lead Management system you turn the leads into business opportunity by follow ups and further negotiations.

    Having more marketing leads brings more sales, with our lead solution tool in your hands your will be able to turn a greater percentage of your leads to revenue to increase your profit margin. 


Lead system helps you analyze the following to help your company generate more revenue

  1. 1) The region or area you generate more sales
  2.  2) The right time to follow up on the lead.
  3. 3) To know where you left off in a lead conversation dialogue and every follow up conversation continue from there.
  4.  4) The reason why the customers you lost didn’t chose you  or chose you competitor.
  5.  5) The performance of your sales and marketing team on your sales.
  6. 6) Create right campaign and advertisement that drive customers to you.
  7. 7) Build sales and marketing team with strong customer relations.