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The right Point of Sale system will give you control over many different areas of your business operations increasing efficiency and profitability.  A Point of Sale system will streamline business operations, including inventory and vendor management along with streamlining Point of Sale processes.  The following overview, categorized by area of operation, highlights some of the typical benefits of using Easy stock Point of Sale system. 

The Point of sale is a system that is tailored to adapt to the smooth running of you business.
It give you’re an eye view of how your business is doing as how many stock are sold periodical, the amount of sales generated periodically, which stocks are available and where they are located. The report generated out of it help you analyze you business process and help you forecast into the future.  This is appointing of sale you need to run your business.



  • The user is able to account for stock in and stock out (stock Analysis)
  • The user is able to leave his place of business to an attendant, as the system will help manage the day to day activity.
  • Periodic  stock can be accounted for, be it daily, monthly, quarterly etc and analyze to know which product, type , category of product is being sold or brought in periodically
  • Expenditure and Income can be accounted for
  • With Analysis it helps you to forecast, control, and manage your day to day operations to increase productivity and sales, while reducing cost of purchasing unnecessary goods.
  • Get access to current and old pricing of stocks, product that are out of stock, product on hold
  • Get the view of how your product sales are doing or did in the previous period.
  • Customer account can be integrated into the system to enable clients to pay in installments
  • Have the right product for the customer
  • It can be centralize to manage many stores, or branches.
  • You will be able to identify sales trends by item, style, type, and vendor.  Review top performer reports for cashier, sales person, and customers. Easy stock systems will also allow you to export reports directly into Excel, XML, CSV or your E-mail application.

Some Features

  • Product on hold / available / sale / order
  • Stock in and stock out
  • Inventory Order summary
  • Product returned
  • Stock analysis
  • Damage products
  • Processing stocks